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Standard Programs

BAC for Students

This program is aimed at foreign students of different academic levels and ages. We provide continuous assistance from the program directors. BAC guarantees that all the policies and requirements for each University will be complied.

BAC for Graduates

We provide professional internships for those whose university graduates who need to gain experience in their field to have a better knowledge of their area of expertise. Also, it is planned for those who need to fulfill requirements in order to complete their course of study.

BAC for Professionals

Aimed at those professionals who are already working in their field and wish to exchange information with other Argentinan professionals of their area, such as development of new techniques or even specialized information (science, medicine, business administration, among others.)

Special Programs

The Professional Special training program develops these specific areas:

High sophistication
Sensible and critical areas
Specialized in specific areas
Risk areas
Areas of imminent danger
Non-conventional areas

Our trainings are NOT paid
As the country currently undergoes a 3% monthly inflation, the budgets requested by applicants will be renewed and updated every 20 days from the issue date.