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Volunteer Program

BAC is a new company which works with students and professionals of various areas of expertise, and we are aware of the social problems that take place in Argentina.

BAC feels the need to get involved in this area due to the deficiency of the government to deal with the social crisis that Argentina suffers from all over the country.

BAC recognizes what some institutions can do for the community, and that is why we have decided to set up a Volunteer Program ,as a means of satisfying the constant demand of foreigners who wish to get involved in this area, and gain experience in social aid
in a foreign country.

The principal objective of the program has always been and always will be to promote and enhance a mutual understanding between different cultures. We believe that both educational exchanges and an international education play an important role in the development of a better, prosperous, productive and, most important, a peaceful world.

Volunteer work is for those who wish to put themselves at the service of those in need.

Our trainings are NOT paid.
Argentina has a 3% monthly inflation therefore the budgets requested by applicants will be updated every 20 days from the date of issuance.